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  • ​Immediate download access to the book.
  • ​16 powerful and personal interviews with various people of service in each chapter.
  • ​A neonatal surgeon's thoughts on healing after a lifetime of life-or-death surgeries (page 111).
  • ​A Syrian refugee shares her journey from war torn Syria to Turkey, and how she documented the entire jaw-dropping tale (page 39).
  • ​What a grief counselor learned about peace and forgiveness after x years of serving grieving families (page 186).
  • ​The story of how one fireman was able to tackle a lifetime of trauma and alcoholism and become a better father, husband and person of service (page 124).
  • Life of a missionary  family in Africa, surviving crime, facing tribal warfare dangerous wildlife through faith (page 199).
  • ​A convicted felons journey from a life of crime to becoming  a savior to thousands of inmates (page 265) 
  • ​ Powerful healing prayers in each chapter.
  • ​An extensive list of resources that have helped countless people overcome their major obstacles in life. 
  • ​Free access to the "Connected Servant" Facebook group to interact with other servants worldwide!
  • ​All proceeds go to the TEDS Foundation to help more people of service overcome their stress and trauma.
  • ​And much more!
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